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Title: Shinsen Radio Facebook Page
Post by: Ryuji on October 06, 2012, 07:06:14 am
Hi everyone,

It seems that Shinsen Radio has a Facebook page but it needs alot of work! Please someone fix it up! Sooooo much good can be done by using Social mediums like Facebook!

I would be happy to help in that aspect!

I can have Jenevieve Newman promote Shinsen-Radio on her Facebook.....Take a look at her page!

Anyone doing the Fb page for Shinsen-Radio???

Rwarrrr it only has 59 Likes when it should have at least 3000-6000 Liking it!
The Shinsen Radio Facebook link is below:

There is a Shinsen Radio FB Group for Facebook though that is Diffrent from an actual page and there are only 28 members of that group so far as opposed to an Actual Public page for the purpose of freely marketing Shinsen Radio.

The link to that group is below: (Please highlight and copy then paste the link on your address bar, make sure you're logged on facebook as well)!/group.php?gid=6444927228&v=wall

Well Yeah that's it from me!

Kind Regards


Title: Re: Shinsen Radio Facebook Page
Post by: SamuraiSoul on October 06, 2012, 09:37:52 am
Glad you are enjoying being at Shinsen-radio,

Appreciate the offers but we don't require any endorsements or promotion.

We are a small community of music fans, people find their way here often by chance, some stay for just a short time others stay for years and become a part of the furniture!

We like it being small, it's a closed escapist community and I for one would rather it stayed that way. Feel free to let friends know about it, but the problem with lots of promotion is that for every decent person that joins, a hoard of trolls and idiots appear and I and many other admins have short tempers when it comes to them. XD

Also, the fb group was larger before facebook updated their groups and everyone but admins were kicked off, so it means people are required to rejoin. As for the fb page, didn't even know we had one, or who set it up?  :shrug: that could probably be developed further...

Thanks for your comments :)

Title: Re: Shinsen Radio Facebook Page
Post by: Ryuji on October 06, 2012, 09:56:35 am
I see I see.....well if I can be of any use please hit me up! :D   :desu:

Title: Re: Shinsen Radio Facebook Page
Post by: Wicked on October 06, 2012, 01:20:08 pm
also the big problem with promoting is that its still an illigal station, so too much attention also wouldnt be good  :p

Title: Re: Shinsen Radio Facebook Page
Post by: Ryuji on October 06, 2012, 02:38:01 pm
Animania (Australias largest Anime festival) has a lot of boot legs and what not that would be the perfect place to promote your station, with no real ramifications.  :rockon:

All you guys would need to do is come and set up a stall and drop a few screens and speakers, a banner and I think you guys would be a big hit!

And no one would be none the wiser whether it is illegal or not because the demographic there would support the station either way and there would be no social medium promotion all in house baby. Bwahahaha

I represent that event so Just holla and I can work somthing out.  B)