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Author Topic: Rules for new members. Read this before posting. (Read 9852 times)
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on: January 24, 2007, 11:49:31 am

*Subject to Change*

1. Don't spam excessively. In other words use the edit button. And don't double post.

2. Respect your fellow posters, don't attack or attempt to provoke them.

3. Nudity is not allowed. Younger kids might possibly view this forum. (Doesn't apply during ecchi week.)

4. No spam links of any kind. This includes spyware/viruses/etc, or links to your cool new website that might have spyware. Website links are allowed as long as they follow this rule.

5. Respect the admins. If they edit or delete your post and you don't understand, send them a pm.

6. Use the search function. Don't create threads that already exist.

7. No excessive use of features, for example Youtube videos.

8. Don't sign up and spam the forums to get 10 posts.

(Let's be honest here, you can spare 5 to 10 minutes to make some posts that are worthwhile and add to the discussion. Who Knows? Perhaps you will find we have a nice community here and stay.)

Examples of spam posts:

lol etc..
I like...etc

Basically one liners. Those are actually allowed in the House of Spam thread in general discussion. Instead we have people signing up and spamming one liners in every thread.

Stop doing that!

If you break any of these rules you will be warned. If you proceed to break these rules over and over you will be presented with the highest honor. A ban.
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